Sownder offers consulting services within optimisation of processes to reduce cost and increase throughput.

The focus area of Sownder has always been the AI and Machine Learning. In this area, Sownder has seen many successful stories and with that experience, together with an out-of-the-box thinking approach, Sownder is considered a pioneer within the AI/Machine Learning area.

The basic techniques and specialities used are:

• Mapping visions to concrete actions
Sownder consults have been working with modelling to create a blueprint of processes to get a common understanding of how to work in order to achieve visions. Through mathematical models, the vision will be mapped into concrete actions which can be assigned to the parties most suited to take them into commercial operation.

• Recommendations of strategies
To see how the logistic processes are run requires experience and information from all data points in the process. Sownder has gathered experience and information during the company’s history and is well suited to see how processes are being used and see that organisation, staff and processes adapt to the new technology of Machine Learning. Sownder will adapt this information to position a customer and ensure that the customers full potential is reached.

• Scenario Thinking
The area of thinking ahead in order to create the best-suited solution for the moment is a difficult task. Sownder has been working tremendously with Scenario Thinking where e.g. we are positioning customers in different potential scenarios and creating tailor-made strategies for the customers.

• Optimisation Strategies
Sownder consults have used big data analytics to ensure predictions in process steps to ensure improvements in process chain. The scheduling of tasks is run through the Sownder Machine Learning Algorithms and new improved ways to run processes is adjusted to the customer business.